Top Trampolines Review and Buying Guide

The Top 4 Trampolines Available Today

Trampolines are great for cardio and exercise and serious gymnastics, but they’re also a blast for children and adults to spend their time on. These days, it’s always a good idea to get out of the home and into the sun and a trampoline is a perfect way to do this. How can you decide which type of trampoline to buy? We are here to answer this for you.

Here are four of the best trampolines available on the market today:


15’ Infinity Bounce Trampoline Heavy Duty Combo

  • 550lbs of Capacity
    · UV Resistant High Grade Polypropylene Jumping Bed
    · 18’ Wide Safety Spring Pad
    · 2.2mm Steel Tubing Frame
    This trampoline is very resilient and has a very high weight bearing capacity. That means that a couple of adults and a small group of kids can use it simultaneously. Its capacity is highest amongst the trampolines available in the market today. It also has about 108 springs’ this ensures maximum bounce and security. This trampoline comes with a net surrounding it to ensure that your children don’t fall out of it.


15’ Skywalker Trampoline Enclosure

  • 200lbs of Capacity.
    · Rust Resistant Springs
    · Galvanised Steel Frame
    · UV Resistant Enclosure Netting
    This is also a widely reviewed and appreciated trampoline. It can bear weight up to 200lbs, which is much higher than the minimum safety load capacity. Anyone who gets on it would be secure and have a blast. The rust resistant springs and the UV resistant enclosure netting ensures that this trampoline would withstand external conditions well. This trampoline has 30 springs to ensure great bounce.


14” Ultega Trampoline Enclosure

  • 200lbs of Capacity
    · UV Resistant Jumping Bed
    · Galvanised Steel Frame
    · Trampoline Springs Covered with Protective Pad
    This is a slightly smaller trampoline suitable for smaller backyards. However, it has a good load bearing capacity as well. The UV resistant jumping bed and steel frame make it very resilient against outdoor conditions. There are 88 springs in this particular trampoline; these give it a great bounce. This one is a good budget option for people who want a smaller trampoline that works well.


14” Pure Fun Trampoline Enclosure

  • 250lbs of Capacity
    · Galvanized Iron and Steel Tubing
    · Vinyl Padded Surface
    · 8-Legs for Stabilization
    This trampoline also has 88 springs, which is great for bounce, but it has a larger load bearing capacity of 250lbs. The mat is very high quality mesh that’s resilient. This trampoline comes with some weather protection covers for wintertime.
    These are the four best trampolines available on the market today. Any one of them would be a great investment. However, the 15’ Infinity Bounce Trampoline Heavy Duty Combo does outshine the rest on a number of counts. To learn more, check out their website here.


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