Texas Trampoline Review

Product Summary Texas Trampoline only sells rectangular and square trampolines. Price: Trampoline ONLY With Net 8×8 Heavy Duty Trampoline $777 n/a 13×13 Texas Square Trampoline $1899 $2549 15×15 Texas Giant Square Trampoline $2049 $2699 8×13 Kids Delight Rectangular Trampoline $1249 $1599 9×15 Texas Standard Rectangular Trampoline $1349 $1999 9×17 Texas Competitor Rectangular Trampoline $1549 $2199 … Read more

BouncePro Review

Product Summary Perfect trampoline for those who want a budget trampoline for about 1-2 years. Frame is thinner, less springs and lower weight capacity than the higher end trampolines. Spring count on the 14’ is 72, and the 15’ has 80 springs. Warranty is 1-2 years. Price: BouncePro 14’ with enclosure $219 BouncePro 15’ with … Read more

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews


Skywalker trampolines are one of the most popular brands on the market today. They’re designed to be safe, durable, and extremely fun for all ages. The company also offers a variety of accessories like safety pads and nets built with kids’ safety in mind. If you’re looking for an outdoor toy that will provide hours … Read more

Kidwise Review

Product Summary Kidwise is a distributer of trampolines. They also sell many other products, and not just trampolines. With warranty issues, these distributors would normally direct buyers to the manufacturers. Price: 10’ Round Trampoline with Enclosure – $1199 12’ JumpFree Trampoline with Enclosure – $799 12’ Round Magic Circle Trampoline with Enclosure – $1179 12’ … Read more

Magic Circle Review

Product Summary Magic Circle is the only company that makes hexagon trampolines. Their frames have a 10 year, prorated warranty against workmanship and defects. Their jumping mats are sewn directly to their net enclosure. Price: 10 ft magic circle with net $1199 12 ft Hexagon with net $1179 12 ft round with net $1199 13.5 … Read more

JumpSport Review

JumpSport Review Product Summary JumpSport sell a very nice aesthetically looking frame. They have powder coated frames, giving their trampolines a very sleek look. They have the DoubleBounce unit, which has 2 jumping surfaces. Price: Trampoline Type Trampoline Only Add’l for Net Soft Bounce 14’ Round $429, shipping not included $229 +, shipping not included … Read more

Olympus Trampolines Review

Who wants to have Olympic trampoline experience? Olympus trampolines are extremely popular all over the world. Olympus trampoline reviews are the best way to see Olympus trampoline features an Olympic grade quality. Olympus trampolines are made for Olympic competitions. They are the best trampolines for backyard Olympics because of their superior quality and construction. The … Read more

Infinity Trampoline Review

  Product Summary For the price, Infinity Trampolines is has great value. They have the thickest frames and the best rust/corrosion prevention method in the industry. Their thick frame wall and tube diameter provides added safety and a very quality bounce. For rust/corrosion prevention method, they hot dip galvanize their frames, which assures that the … Read more

Springfree Trampoline Review

Product Summary These springfree models have been around only since 2010, so a fairly new product. Unique trampoline because they don’t have springs, but rods. There isn’t enough data or reviews on these products to get a full interpretation on the life expectancy of the rods’ brittleness, jump quality and longevity of the jumping mat. … Read more